Roy and Amanda 2

Together Roy and Amanda are pioneering a form of artwork that is unique in scale and implementation. First, Amanda paints on industrial sheets of brass, aluminum and stainless steel. Then, Roy takes a grinder and removes the paint and reveals the brass to create the illusion of depth and movement. Each piece is completely smooth and can be touched. They allow each other to speak into the others work, while continuously challenging one another to bring out their best.

Roy and Amanda Clark are originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and now reside in Naples, Florida. Together they are Clark Art Studio.

They began working on metal when they entered the world’s largest art contest – ArtPrize. Since then, Roy and Amanda have placed in the Top 25, 30 and 50 out of 1800 international artists. With ArtPrize being a public vote contest, the Clarks have received well over a quarter million votes for their work.

Art professors from around the world have said, “What they are doing has never been done. Their work is truly original and beautiful.”


Amanda is a graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids. She is an experienced graphic artist, designer and contemporary fine artist and expert color consultant for homes and offices. Her work extends from illustrations to commercial artwork, as well as creating large contemporary works of art, being her specialties. She began painting as a child and has never let up.

“My work is limited without the input of my husband. Roy is continuously challenging me to embrace my gifts, broaden my color pallet and expand what I thought were my limitations. Our hope and desire is to create meaningful work that inspires. Acrylic on brass creates a soft yet dynamic tension. This is often how I feel. I long for a complete release of all the stress, yet I know that it is many times, within the grind, that there brings about a new beauty. I have turned over a part of my work to my husband and together we have created something that reflects who we are and the world we live in.”


Roy is a graduate of Calvin College in Grand Rapids. He is an author, inventor, innovator, and pastor. He inspires with his words and his work. Roy has designed unique works for both residential and commercial buildings.

“My work is incomplete without the input of my wife. I can design, create and dream, but without her talent, it is incomplete. When I came up with the idea to work on large sheets of brass, it was in response to some of Amanda’s tall dancing trees on canvas. Her work inspired the idea. I respect her as a painter and she allows me to speak into her work. She respects me as a designer and metal worker, and I allow her to speak into my work.”

The Beginning

“It all began in 2009 with the launch of ArtPrize, the world’s largest art contest in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With over 1,000 entries that first year, I knew we needed to do something different. Amanda was painting these wonderful trees that were tall and colorful, filled with reds, yellows and oranges. We wanted her work to stand out. I knew that if we did something on metal I could get it to reflect light. Combining the idea of metal and the colors that she was painting late night, I sat up in bed and said ‘I know what we are going to do! I’m going to get you the biggest pieces of brass and we can hang them from wires from the ceiling and you’re going to paint your trees on them. And I’m going to grind out shapes and shine light on them.’ She said, ‘Go to bed, I’m not painting on brass.’ It’s one of the few arguments that I’ve won, and I am so glad I did.”

Since Then

Their work has been purchased and placed around the world. It has been in the Christie’s Fine Art, DeBruyne Fine Art, Clark Private Reserve Gallery, Edison State College through the VonLiebig Art Museum, Fifth Avenue Design, Sweet Art Gallery, Rolls-Royce Show Room, Port Royal Jewelers, Grand Rapids Christian High School, Netech Company, Pregnancy Resource Centers, as well as their own studio in Naples, Florida, called Clark Art Studio. They have volunteered their time at art shows and have donated to many fundraisers in Naples. They have been recognized in Modern Luxury Interiors of South Florida and Naples Illustrated magazines, Fox 4 Channel, and a number of other publications.